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Seating is first come - first served. Audience members are requested to be personally responsible, distance themselves accordingly and are encouraged to wear masks outside of their seating area.

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Description of Play


Prince Hamlet has come home from college to Elsinore to bury his father and then attend his mother Gertrude's wedding to his Uncle Claudius. Hamlet is visited by his dead father’s ghost and learns his father was murdered by his uncle and demands Hamlet seek revenge for his death. Hamlet goes about this by pretending to have gone crazy, breaks off his relationship with his girlfriend, Ophelia, and plots to kill Claudius.


Feeling threatened by Hamlet's behavior, Claudius plots to have him killed by employing two of Hamlet’s schoolmates, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, as escorts to his execution in England. Outwitted, Hamlet returns to Elsinore to seek his revenge.    


Sensitivity Warning: This play deals with the difficult subjects of suicide and feelings of self-harm.



To Be Announced

By William Shakespeare


Dalia Vidor


Nez Gray-Freeman

FREE Shows in the Park Dates:
July 27 & 28  4pm  Hanns Park, Vallejo
August 3       4pm  Marina Pavilion Green, Benicia
August 4       4pm  Susana Park, Martinez
August 10      4pm  TBD
August 11      4pm  Lower Dracena Park, Piedmont (Limited Parking)

Fundraiser Shows  $25 online or at the door
August 16 & 17   7pm  Vino Godfather Winery, Vallejo
Stage Manager/Prompter


Fight Choreographer/Intimacy Coach



Angelina LaBarre (she/her)



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