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Vallejo Shakespeare in the Park 2024 Auditions


The Winter's Tale

by Shakespeare

Vallejo Shakespeare in the Park is looking to fill 6 roles for our summer production of The Winter’s Tale. NON-TRADITIONAL, COLOR-BLIND, GENDER-BLIND CASTING. $350 honorarium + tips & lunch at traveling shows. Non-union actors. Double/Triple Casting.







Contact Dalia Vidor - Director to set up audition.

Join us this summer as we tell the story of misplaced jealousy and happy endings. The show will be rehearsed Ren-Style. We will mimic the way shows were rehearsed during the Renaissance. Actors are only provided a cue script, not the entire play, and come in fully memorized and off book.  Rehearsals are limited to approximately 24 - 48 hours (~10-14 days) prior to opening the final weekend in July and runs for 4 weekends.

This is an ensemble production and will also require set-up and break-down at each venue.

Rehearsal schedule is as follows:

Dramaturgy Zoom TBD late June.

​Live rehearsal schedule:

July 15-19 6-9pm, July 20-21 11am-4pm and July 22-26 6-9pm at Hanns Park in Vallejo. With potential extra rehearsal for fight and intimacy scenes.​


July 27 & 28 Vallejo,

August 3 Benicia,

August 4 Martinez,

August 10 TBD,

August 11 Piedmont,

August 16 & 17 Vino Godfather Winery, Vallejo.

All shows in the park at 4pm. Final shows at 7pm.


Vallejo Shakespeare in the Park aims to provide professional performance opportunities to Bay Area actors of color, various gender identity, and women through non-traditional casting. We want our productions to reflect the community in which they are performed and help our audience connect to classical theater with exciting contemporary staging.

We believe the arts are an important part of the fabric of a community and we want to do our part to ensure a thriving arts environment and help raise the value of the arts as a public benefit. We present a “bare-bones” production, concentrating on the actor’s performances and honest storytelling, with minimal set and modern dress.

We also participate in Vallejo's Independence Day parade, a 169 year tradition, which will be on a Thursday this year. Participation is voluntary. for more information.

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